3 Ways to Tell if Your Heater is Energy Efficient?

3 Ways to Tell if Your Heater is Energy Efficient?

Having an Omaha HVAC system that is efficient is a must. Not only to help the health of your heater, but to decrease the waste of energy and money. Your heater is one of the highest energy-consuming objects inside your home, and if you want your utility bills to go down, start with an efficient furnace. Older furnaces don’t run as efficiently as newer furnaces, and we’re going to tell you how to detect how energy efficient your furnace is. At Xtreme Heating and Cooling, we provide Omaha furnace services, including furnace repair and furnace replacement services.

Check the AFUE Rating on Your Heater

This is the easiest, and more straightforward way in determining how energy efficient your furnace is. Head over to your furnace and look at the cabinet, or grab your user manual, and find the “Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency” metric. This will tell you how efficient your furnace is. The number you see is the percentage of energy that your furnace converts into heat. That means that the percentage that is left is energy wasted. The higher the number, the more efficient your furnace is.

Your Utility Bills are Consistent

If your utility bills are consistent, this means that your furnace is not losing efficiency. A healthy, efficient heater should be able to convert the same amount of energy as it’s AFUE rating says every month, and throughout years. An increase or fluctuation utility bill means that your furnace isn’t converting heat as efficiently as it once was. If you begin to see a fluctuation or increase in your utility bill, you may need Omaha furnace repair or Omaha furnace replacement.

Your Home is Heated Evenly

This is another quick way to determine if your heater is efficient and working correctly. If all rooms in your home are heated equally, your heater is healthy and working correctly. If some rooms in your home maintain cool, even when the furnace has been running for days, your furnace is not efficient. This may lead to needing Omaha furnace services, like heating repair or furnace replacements.
The best way to keep your furnace as efficient as possible is to regularly schedule maintenance with HVAC professionals. At Xtreme Heating and Cooling, we provide Omaha furnace services, including Omaha heating repair and Omaha furnace replacements. Our experts have been helping the Omaha area for years, taking our quality to the Xtreme.

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