4 Tips to Minimize the Strain of your HVAC System

4 Tips to Minimize the Strain of your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is one of the most important tools in your home. In the Omaha summer heat, you don’t want your air conditioning going out. Luckily, if something does happen, Xtreme Heating and Cooling can help with all Omaha air conditioning repair and air conditioning replacement services. But, in the meantime, we are going to talk about how to reduce the strain put on your Omaha HVAC unit to keep it healthier and last longer.

Here are our top 5 tips to minimize the strain on your Omaha HVAC unit this summer.

Have your HVAC System Checked at Least Two Times a Year

Scheduling routine maintenance is the best way to ensure a long, efficient life for your Omaha HVAC unit. When you schedule a maintenance call for air conditioning service or furnace service, you are receiving HVAC experts, who can determine the health of your system. If, by chance, something needs to be cleaned, sealed or repaired, you already have the professional’s there to fix it. This will help avoid any future air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement for your Omaha home during the summer!

Replace your Air Filters

Replacing your air filter is the easiest step in maintaining the integrity of your Omaha HVAC unit. Air filters collect dust, debris and dirt which can limit air flow through your system. This makes your HVAC unit run even harder, using more energy, which may eventually end in needing Omaha air conditioner replacements or air conditioning repairs. By replacing your air filters routinely, your HVAC will run smoother and longer.

Set your Thermostat Higher

It’s unlikely that you’re home 24 hours a day, every day of summer. When you do take a vacation, or spend hours outside of the home, make sure to set your thermostat higher than normal. This will make your air conditioning unit strain less, saving its energy and helping it in the long run. This tip will help you save on Omaha air conditioning repairs or air conditioning replacements in the future.

Protect your Home from Outside Heat

Take the stress of keeping your home cool off of your Omaha HVAC unit. One way to do this is to keep your blinds or curtains closed during the summer. This will limit the amount of sun rays entering your home, taking some strain off of your HVAC unit and helping avoid future Omaha air conditioning repairs. Another way to keep the inside of your home cooler is to install a fan in your attic. This fan will help disperse the rising heat in your home, taking the stress off of your HVAC unit. These tactics will help displace some of the strain put of your HVAC unit, and avoid Omaha air conditioning replacements, air conditioning repairs or other Omaha air conditioning services.

If you follow these improvements to your HVAC maintenance, you will significantly lower your chances of needing Omaha air conditioning services. This includes Omaha air conditioning repair and Omaha air conditioning replacement.

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