We are your trusted experts for Commercial Refrigeration in Omaha, NE, area. We provide a wide array of services to help you get your business up and running. When you need trusted experts to repair the commercial equipment your business depends on to survive, count on us to help you complete the job successfully.

We also specialize in Walk-In Cooler Repair services to enable your grocery store, restaurant, catering, or pharmacy business to function as smoothly as possible. Our team of professionals will help you minimize downtime and enable your business to fire on all cylinders. We understand how difficult it is for a business to function without its walk-in cooler.

A walk-in cooler is essential because it enables your products to last much longer, and it can be a significant financial loss for your business if it breaks down when you need it the most.

Omaha Commercial Refrigeration Services

Our team of professionals can help you by repairing your broken walk-in cooler or other commercial equipment. We first help you diagnose problems with your commercial walk-in cooler. We then help you see your options before recommending a course of action we think will suit your needs and budget.

We understand the price that can come with commercial refrigeration equipment breaking down in your business. That is why we offer fast and efficient repair services to ensure your equipment works like new again. When your walk-in cooler breaks down, we realize how much food you might need to throw away for safety reasons.

Because of that, we help you by focusing on timely refrigeration repair services and care to ensure that your device never gets to a stage where it stops working altogether. When you need walk-in cooler repair, we are the trusted experts in Omaha to help you get that job done efficiently. We will work quickly to ensure your business never grinds to a halt because your equipment breaks down.

Here are a few reasons you might need our commercial refrigeration repair services for our walk-in cooler:
  • Doesn’t cool as efficiently as it should
  • Is leaking water
  • Working harder than usual to maintain the same temperature
  • 24/7 Emergency repairs needed during peak hours

At Xtreme Heating & Cooling LLC, that is just the start of all the exceptional services we provide to help you get your commercial equipment working as it should. We are here to support your business in the Omaha area. Without prompt repair, your commercial equipment will lose efficiency and eventually break down completely. We help you prevent equipment breakdowns by making expert repairs when needed.