Sustainable Energy Rebates

Xtreme Heating & Cooling LLC is proud to be a participating Union Contractor in various residential and commercial rebate programs.

As an incentive to hire a Union HVAC Contractor, the Sheet Metal Workers, Local 3 provide additional rebates in addition to the Sustainable Energy Program.

Here are some examples below:
  • Air Handler – $75 Rebate
  • 80% Efficiency Furnace – $75 Rebate
  • 90% Efficiency Furnace – $100 Rebate
  • Central Air Conditioner – $75 Rebate
Take advantage of these rebates to not only save money but to also reduce energy usage on peak hours. Check to see if you qualify! You can visit the Lincoln Electric System website for more details and qualifications.

HVAC Smart Rebates

Omaha Public Power District

See if you qualify for rebates when you purchase a new high-efficiency HVAC system!

How It Works:
Contact Xtreme Heating & Cooling LLC – we are a licensed HVAC Contractor
Install a new AC or heat pump, 15 SEER or higher
Submit rebate paperwork and get up to a $350 rebate check!

Rebate Amounts:
$250 Rebate – 15 SEER
$350 Rebate – 16 SEER or higher*
*Includes geothermal units

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