Air Conditioning Omaha, NE

Air Conditioning Omaha, NE

Xtreme Heating and Cooling is dedicated to offering the best air conditioning service in the Omaha area. The Omaha heat can cause a lot of discomfort, which is why you need to have quality and quick AC services. We offer AC replacement, AC repairs, AC maintenance, and AC service. Everyone knows how hot the Omaha summer gets, so contact Xtreme Heating and Cooling for all your AC service needs in the Omaha area. We offer free second opinions for select services. If you don’t think you got a fair offer, contact us and we’ll give you a fair offer.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Having a working air conditioning unit is crucial for the hot Omaha summers. If your current air conditioning unit isn’t keeping up with the Omaha summer, contact Xtreme Heating and Cooling to replace your old air conditioning unit with a much more efficient air conditioner. Our certified technicians have the experience to help you through all of your home’s comfort needs. Our technicians will listen to you and your needs and suggest the air conditioning unit that will best fit the needs of your Omaha home. We strive to ensure that our technicians are the best in Omaha to deliver premier service and also affordability.

Air Conditioning Repair

When your Omaha air conditioner needs repair, you need someone who will come fix it for an affordable price while delivering a quality and efficient repair service. Which is exactly what Xtreme Heating and Cooling does for your air conditioning unit. We look to save you money by repairing your Omaha AC unit before we look to fully replace your air conditioning unit. With Xtreme Heating and Cooling, you will never need to worry about overcharging for services or pressured sales situations. Our trained technicians deliver honest quotes for the repair of your air conditioning unit. We act as trusted advisors to you, as we find the best option for you and your needs.

Air Conditioning Servicing

Xtreme Heating and Cooling is dedicated to offering the best air conditioning service in the Omaha area. Servicing your air conditioning unit can save you money in the long run both in preventing additional AC service costs and in lower total energy costs. Often times regular AC maintenance cuts the amount of projected repairs by 50% and can save you 20% to 45% in total energy especially in the hot Omaha summers. Along with saving you money on AC repair costs as well as total energy costs, we offer convenient AC service scheduling. We know how valuable your time is and we want to limit our impact on your busy schedule. We have a courteous team to help you schedule your air conditioning service visit.  

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