Air Conditioning Maintenance Omaha, NE

Air Conditioning Maintenance Omaha, NE

Xtreme Heating and Cooling is dedicated to offering the best air conditioning service in the Omaha area. Servicing your air conditioning unit can save you money in the long run both in preventing additional AC service costs and in lower total energy costs. Often times regular AC maintenance cuts the amount of projected repairs by 50% and can save you 20% to 45% in total energy especially in the hot Omaha summers. Along with saving you money on AC repair costs as well as total energy costs, we offer convenient AC service scheduling. We know how valuable your time is and we want to limit our impact on your busy schedule. We have a courteous team to help you schedule your air conditioning service visit. We offer free second opinions for select services. If you don’t think you got a fair offer, contact us and we’ll give you a fair offer.

Emergency AC Service

Sometimes our AC units decide to malfunction on the hottest day of the summer. In those cases, Xtreme Heating and Cooling is ready to come service your air conditioning unit as quickly and efficiently as possible to bring comfort back to your Omaha home. We pride ourselves on our quick and accurate service to your air conditioner. We know that a broken AC unit can be a stressful time, which is why we will never overcharge anyone when they are in that kind of a bind.

Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

With routine maintenance, we can catch minor AC problems before they become major problems. Sometimes we can even prevent a total malfunction later down the road. An improperly maintained air conditioner can’t operate as efficiently or as quietly as it should. Which is a waste of money and a nuisance to you. With the professional service from Xtreme Heating and Cooling can boost your Omaha air conditioner’s efficiency and reliability.

Professional AC Technicians

Xtreme Heating and Cooling utilizes our highly trained technicians to deliver you the best possible service. Our technicians know how valuable your time is, which is why we strive for perfect punctuality. We also offer a variety of other benefits including:

  • Highly Trained Technicians
  • Prioritizing Safety
  • Work on all makes and models of equipment
  • A wide selection of parts and equipment
  • Written estimates
  • Licensed and insured contractor

While Your AC Unit May Not Last Forever, You Can Extend the Life Of Your Air Conditioner by Calling Xtreme Heating and Cooling Today

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