Routine Heating Maintenance Omaha, NE

Routine Heating Maintenance Omaha, NE

Our experts at Xtreme Heating and Cooling are dedicated to your satisfaction with the repairs we provide. With convenient appointment scheduling and a courteous, helpful technicians, Xtreme Heating and Cooling is the place to turn for your heater repair in Omaha. Xtreme’s Planned Maintenance Agreement keeps your heating systems running efficiently all season long and reduces the potential for costly repairs. By keeping your equipment well-tuned and running at peak efficiency, Xtreme’s Planned Maintenance Agreement can reduce your heating bills. If your system does need repair, you can count on Xtreme’s professional service to give you an honest and accurate estimate. We offer free second opinions for select services. If you don’t think you got a fair offer, contact us and we’ll give you a fair offer.

Furnace Maintenance

Don’t wait for your furnace to malfunction to call for professional service! The best way to ensure your furnace is running effectively and efficiently is through heating service and tune-up. Along with saving you money on heater repair costs and total energy costs, we offer convenient scheduling for your furnace servicing and repairs. Xtreme Heating and Cooling offers same day/next day service for your furnace repairs. We provide you with honest answers and knowledgeable recommendations. Xtreme Heating and Cooling professionals optimize your heaters performance and ensure our repairs measure up to your expectations and the demands of severe local weather. 

Xtreme Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plan


  • Priority on any repairs or heater breakdowns
  • A 15% discount on repairs
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • A free Real Estate Inspection for your next home
  • Discounts on all equipment replacements
  • Safe and efficient operations equipment
  • Your choice of our friendly, trained technicians
  • Service when it is convenient for you

Services Provided

  • Annual Heat exchanger inspections of gas furnaces 
  • Testing of combustion gasses in gas furnace flue 
  • Safeties will be tested for safe operation 
  • Inspection of burners, flame sensors, and pilot assemblies 
  • Check batteries for thermostats and change as needed 
  • Adjust airflow for proper temperature rise 
  • Clean heat pump coils 
  • Check fan motors, bearings, amp draws, and capacitors 
  • Check refrigerant levels via superheat

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