The heating system is irrefutably a great asset responsible for keeping your interior warm and cozy during the cold and frosty months. As the winter months approach, preparing the system to brace it for the tough work ahead is essential. To help you get started, our expert technicians here at Xtreme Heating & Cooling LLC explain seven steps to winterize your heating system.

1. Clean or Change the Air Filters

One essential step to winterize your heating system is to clean its air filters. Alternatively, you can change the air filters if they are worn out. Clean air filters will purify air before circulation to ensure you enjoy better indoor air quality. In addition, clean air filters will enhance your heating system’s efficiency by reducing unnecessary strain usually caused by debris buildup and clogs. Thus, cleaning or changing your filters will improve your system’s performance and lower your energy bills during winter.

2. Inspect and Clear the Vents

The sole purpose of your heating system’s vents is to circulate heated air throughout your interior for optimal comfort. That said, you should keep the vents operating at maximum levels by having them inspected for damage. All identified problems, such as leaks and dents, should be fixed to leave the vents in great structural condition. Once repaired, the ducts should be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed to get rid of dirt, dust, twigs, and other debris that have accumulated inside them. Ensuring the vents are clear will facilitate unrestricted airflow throughout your building.

3. Insulate Exposed Pipes

The heating system is designed to work by pushing heated air through an intricate network of pipes and vents. During winter, exposed pipes can become frozen due to excess cold. Aside from interfering with your heating system’s functioning, frozen pipes can be difficult and expensive to repair. You can evade this issue by insulating all exposed pipes using foam or any other effective insulating material. Proper insulation will help keep the lines in superb condition throughout winter.

4. Prepare the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of your heating system is as important as the indoor unit. Use a garden hose to clean the outdoor unit of dust, bird droppings, and other debris on its surface. Furthermore, clear the area around the outdoor unit by removing leaves, stones, furniture, and other objects that can block it. Do not forget to raise the outdoor unit if it is on the ground. Elevating the unit can prevent it from coming in contact with snow and running water, which can compromise its structure and functioning.

5. Check and Recalibrate the Thermostat

The thermostat is an integral part of the heating system, which reads the room and automatically adjusts the temperature to maintain the desired comfort levels. Be sure to check the thermostat to confirm it is working properly before winter sets in. Moreover, recalibrate the thermostat accordingly to match your winter comfort needs. Proper calibration will ensure your building’s temperature is the same as the thermostat’s read. It will also guarantee even heating throughout your rooms in the cold months to facilitate consistent comfort.

6. Reverse the Fan

Reversing the fan is an intelligent way to winterize the heating system. Typically, the fan rotates anticlockwise, creating a wind-chill effect that makes the interior feel cooler. In the winter, it is advisable to reverse the fan to rotate in the clockwise rotation. This rotation creates a gentle updraft, which pushes warm air away from the ceiling into the living spaces. The effect will keep your interior warm.

7. Schedule Preseason Maintenance

Calling a professional for preseason maintenance before winter is necessary to winterize your heating system. Experts will not only clean different parts of the system but also inspect them for any issues needing repair. In addition, they will lubricate moving parts, check the ductwork, reprogram the thermostat, and ensure all safety controls are working. These steps will leave your system functional and ready for the cold months.

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