Many homeowners wonder whether the upgrade to a smart thermostat is worth it, and the answer is an unequivocal yes. Even a basic, programmable thermostat can save you up to 10% on cooling costs, according to the Department of Energy (DOE). A smart thermostat has many advanced features that can help you save even more. There are also ENERGY STAR rebates and local utility company offers that can help you quickly recoup the initial investment.


Scheduling is where the biggest savings lie and why the DOE recommends thermostats with that feature. To achieve the 10% savings, you’ll need to turn your thermostat down by 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours a day. Most households can achieve that and even greater savings. Set the temperature down for at least four to six hours while you’re sleeping and at least four to six hours while you’re away at work.


Profiles are a big help because not everyone has the same schedule each day. Most households will need a weekday and weekend profile. Many modern smart thermostats support a profile for each day of the week. Another great feature is “Vacation Mode.” It lets you put your thermostat into an energy-saving mode whenever you’ll be away for 48 hours or more.

Remote Access and Control

One of the potential issues with thermostat scheduling is human error. A vacation mode doesn’t do you much good if you forget to activate it. If your thermostat connects to the internet, you can simply turn on “Vacation Mode” from your phone. A smart thermostat can also push notifications to you. Examples include a reminder to schedule a cooling tune-up or a warning that the filter needs to be changed.

Adaptive Learning

Modern smart thermostats can track your usage and the operation of the system and adapt to that information and analysis. One of the most prevalent features in this space is “Smart Setback.” An air conditioner wastes a lot more energy achieving a temperature than it does maintaining it. With “Smart Setback,” a thermostat learns how the AC ramps and adjusts it for optimal efficiency. Some thermostats can also make suggestions to optimize your schedules and profiles.


Geofencing is a powerful feature that can override scheduling based on what’s occurring at that time. This lessens the burden of getting your schedules perfect. How it works is that each household member pairs their phone with the system, which can then track them via GPS. Are you heading to work early on Monday? The system will detect that no one is home and automatically adjust the temperature.

Energy Monitoring and Analysis

Many smart thermostats can track your energy consumption and provide you with weekly, monthly and annual reports. The analysis has gotten quite sophisticated because of cloud computing. These reports can show you when your household is being efficient and when it isn’t.

Smart Thermostat Programs

Many electric companies throughout the U.S. are offering smart thermostat programs. If you have the necessary equipment, you can opt in. The program will give you a one-time bill credit for the opt-in and then you can get further credits each month or year. By opting in, you let the electric company adjust your thermostat by as much as several degrees during periods of peak usage.

Peak Energy Consumption

Even if your electric company doesn’t offer such a program, you can take advantage of the concept. Either through programming or real-time data, many smart thermostats can automatically adjust temperature during peak rate periods to save you money.

Weather Pattern Monitoring

Another way internet-capable thermostats are helping homeowners save is through weather monitoring. This is particularly useful in areas that are commonly subject to sudden and sharp temperature drops and increases. Knowing that the change is about to occur, the thermostat can preemptively adjust for it in an energy-efficient manner.

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