When the temperature soars in summer, your AC may run the whole day. The more hours the AC runs, the higher the energy bill will be. There are, however, a few things you can do to mitigate this situation. Read on to discover the most effective ways to lower your AC bills in summer.

Inspect Your Home’s Insulation

Fixing your home’s insulation could help reduce the amount of money you spend on cooling costs. Insufficient insulation is the leading cause of energy loss and increased AC bills in most American homes. Get your home’s insulation checked by experts and have existing insulation issues resolved.

Enhancing the attic insulation is a great summer upgrade every homeowner should make. It’s a cost-effective way to improve the comfort level of your home.

Service Your AC Properly

A poorly maintained AC simply costs more to operate. Get the filters checked and replaced every few months. Clogged air filters hinder efficient airflow, making the AC inefficient. Keep the filters clean for smooth air circulation.

For high-quality AC maintenance services, talk with our qualified technicians at Xtreme Heating & Cooling LLC. We’re one of the leading heating and cooling companies in the Omaha area. Our regular AC tune-ups enable us to uncover and repair minor issues before they become big ones. We understand that an AC with faulty components operates inefficiently and with too much noise.

We can clean debris trapped in the condenser coils to improve your AC’s efficiency. We will also check the coil fins to ensure they’re in good condition and are not blocking airflow. If your AC is old and needs replacement, we can make an honest recommendation and handle the installation for you as well.

Use a Ceiling Fan

Running your ceiling fan can also lower your AC bills. Ceiling fans can increase your home’s comfort level without raising its energy costs. When the AC is running, you can reduce the thermostat temperature settings and still enjoy optimal home comfort.

The most efficient air conditioner costs an average of $0.36 per hour to operate, while the average operation cost of a ceiling fan is approximately a penny per hour. If you do the math, you’ll note that running the central cooling unit is 36 times costlier than running a ceiling fan. One of the best hacks we can recommend is running the ceiling fan to cut your energy bills and maintain a high comfort level.

Cover the Windows

Studies have shown that 76% of sunlight flows into your home as heat during the hot summer weather. If you leave the windows uncovered, it is hard for your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. The heat streaming in works at cross purposes and increases your AC costs.

Install mesh-like window screens or solar screens to cut the sunlight flowing indoors. These screens work by intercepting the energy. They are a cost-effective and reliable way to reduce heat entering your home through the windows.

You can also install window films to decrease the heat entering your home via the windows. The metalized sheets reflect heat, reducing the amount that reaches your interior. Silver and white window films are the most effective options.

Remember that window films require shutting the windows for efficient operation. Solar screens can keep insects and the sun out of your home even when the windows are open.

Seal Home Leaks

When your home has leaks, your AC takes more time to reach the desired temperature. The more time your AC takes to cool your space, the more you pay on energy bills. Openings and flaws in the doors and windows allow an undisrupted flow of conditioned air to escape. Get those leaks sealed by an expert to reduce the load on your air conditioner.

You might also need to have your home’s foundation inspected for possible leaks. It could surprise you to find that your home has leaks in this area that allow airflow in. Most leaks are hard to discover, so get an expert to conduct an energy audit. An audit will enable your technician to uncover energy inefficiencies and repair them.

These are some of the best ways to reduce your AC costs and improve home comfort this summer. Our business at Xtreme Heating & Cooling LLC is a trusted HVAC company in Omaha known for offering award-winning AC maintenance, repair, and installation services to both commercial and residential clients. We’ve been assisting this community for almost a decade, and we have an A+ rating with the BBB

For any HVAC need, call us at Xtreme Heating & Cooling LLC today.

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